The Crozier Collection

A Crozier is a bishop’s staff. Here is a collection things associated with the name Crozier.

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8 thoughts on “The Crozier Collection”

  1. Roger S. Crozier

    Hi George,
    My Dad Passed away a couple years ago in Hermosa Bch, Ca (Jack G. Crozier). Thought you would want to know! Aloha! Roger

  2. Lytham Chemist’s bottle

    Wow my gg grandfathers bottle! Somehow it just makes that person seem all the more real, seeing something so tangible, as compaired to lines of text in records or census material.

    Many thanks,

    Cheers, David in New Zealand

    1. Robert Crozier had the chemists shop at 3 Park Street, Lytham. His wife Sarah Crozier ran the tearoom and shrimp shop next door at number 5.

  3. Chemist R Crozier Lytham

    Hi George,
    this bottle is from the Lytham, St Annes, chemist Robert Crozier my great great grandfather. He had 11 children,
    1) Charles Edwin 9 Jun 1872
    2) Edith 12 Nov 1882
    3) Eleanor Cecily Jane 21 Nov 1869
    4) Fanny Sophia 12 Sep 1875
    5) Harold Biggs 12 Dec 1886
    6) Mabel 15 Aug 1884
    7) Margaret 10 Jun 1877
    8) Mary Louisa Ellen 9 Nov 1873
    9) Millicent 9 Feb 1879
    10)Sarah Constance 10 Oct 1880
    11)Thomas Richard 12 Feb 1871

    Charles Edwin came out to New Zealand and was my great grandfather. He died in 06/08/1945 at age 74.

    Thanks for providing a snapshot of realism to his existence.

    Cheers, David

  4. Thank you for allowing me to receive the shrimp pot from you collection a few years ago… I am the Great Granddaughter of Robert Crozier the founder Chemist in Lytham and his wife Sarah who was a confectioner.
    I have re invigorated the family business and opened a cafe in Birkdale Southport which is just over the estuary from Lytham.
    Take a look at our website.

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